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Elevate Your Team's Coding with Security Expertise

Join our Secure Development Awareness Workshops for an in-depth series focused on integrating essential security practices into your software development lifecycle. With hands-on learning and expert guidance, empower your developers to build security into their code from the ground up.

Topics Covered

  • Fundamentals of Secure Application Development:

    • Understanding security in the software development lifecycle (SDLC)

    • Secure coding principles and best practices

    • Recognising and preventing common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

  • Advanced Threat Modeling Techniques:

    • Constructing and applying threat models to identify potential security issues

    • Security requirements and controls for high-risk applications

    • Strategies for mitigating threats

  • Hardening the Development Environment:

    • Securing development tools and repositories

    • Managing sensitive data through secrets management and encryption practices

    • Mitigating security misconfigurations in software and infrastructure

  • Automating Security within DevOps:

    • Integrating security testing tools into CI/CD pipelines (SAST, DAST)

    • Ensuring security of third-party components and libraries

    • Effective vulnerability management throughout the DevSecOps lifecycle

  • Exploiting and Mitigating Common Vulnerabilities:

    • In-depth analysis of the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities

    • Hands-on exercises to exploit and then secure applications against known weaknesses

    • Addressing emerging threats vulnerabilities

  • Secure Code Review Techniques:

    • Implementing code review practices to detect and fix security issues

    • Utilising security checklists and standards for code audits

    • Learning from real-world case studies

  • Managing Risk:

    • identifying, triaging and managing security risks

    • Patch management and update strategies for continuous security improvement

Why Our Workshops?

  • Actionable Knowledge: Gain hands-on experience with the latest AppSec tools and techniques.

  • Immediate Application: Translate workshop learning into immediate actions within your development projects.

  • Expert-led Instruction: Benefit from the knowledge of seasoned security professionals with frontline AppSec experience.

  • Customised Content: Tailor workshop topics to address the specific security needs and challenges of your organisation.

Secure Your Development Process Now

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