Jepsec: Specialised Security for Applications and Systems

Integrating Security Engineering and Application Protection

At Jepsec, our expertise extends beyond traditional cyber security. We specialise in security strategies that apply rigorous engineering principles to safeguard all forms of technology—from cutting-edge software to sophisticated deployed systems. Our bespoke assessments and detailed advisory solutions are designed to secure your innovations at every stage, from conception, through deployment to operations.

Tailored Security for Complex Systems

Leveraging extensive experience across various solutions, we conduct thorough assessments and secure systems, including web, cloud, mobile, IoT, embedded, deployed systems, and more. We excel at identifying vulnerabilities and developing remediation strategies, significantly minimising risk exposure.

Proactive Security Integration

Jepsec champions a 'shift left' philosophy by embedding security at every phase. We partner with your teams to establish effective technical controls, maturing the security of your development lifecycle and ensuring your final product's confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

From Builders to Breakers

Jepsec’s strength lies in our dual perspective; we understand the intricacies of building advanced systems and the tactics to break them. This unique insight enables us to design security solutions that are both innovative and resilient against threats.

Engineering Safer Technologies and Products

Security is the cornerstone of innovation. Our collaborative approach ensures that your projects are engineered with security as a foundational element, meeting your client’s demand for safer, more reliable technologies.