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Founding Vision

Jepsec was established in February 2022 by a passionate cybersecurity professional in Brisbane, Queensland. Our founder, experienced in security consulting and systems engineering, launched Jepsec with a commitment to mature the standards of security practices across industries. With a deep understanding of both the creation and protection of complex systems, our approach is uniquely comprehensive.

Our Mission

At Jepsec, our mission is to safeguard your digital assets by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. We specialise in integrating security seamlessly into every stage of your development lifecycle, ensuring that your applications and systems are not only efficient but inherently secure.

Expertise and Experience

Our team consists of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals, each with extensive experience in application security, security engineering, and risk management. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer bespoke security solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients, whether they are local startups or global enterprises.

Australian Roots

As an Australian-owned and operated company, we are deeply committed to the local community and economy. Our team is entirely based in Australia, offering us a unique perspective on the security challenges faced by Australian businesses. We maintain strong ties with government, critical infrastructure, and private sectors across the country, ensuring that our solutions are relevant and compliant with Australian standards.

Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of Jepsec. We continuously adapt to the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape by investing in research and development and staying abreast of the latest security technologies and methodologies. This dedication not only enhances our service offerings but also empowers our clients to stay ahead of threats.

Looking Forward

As we grow, our focus remains on being a leader in application and system security, continuing to serve our clients with integrity, expertise, and a forward-thinking approach. We are excited about the future of cybersecurity and our role in shaping secure digital environments.

Connect with Us

Whether you're looking to enhance your application security or build a new secure development lifecycle, our team is ready to assist. Contact us today to learn how Jepsec can make a difference in your cybersecurity posture.