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Strengthen Your Code Against Security Threats

Secure Code Review is a important component of any robust security strategy. Jepsec's Secure Code Review service examines your application’s source code to identify vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by attackers. By catching issues early, we help you safeguard your applications from the inside out.

Why Secure Code Review?

Secure Code Review is not just about finding bugs; it's about enhancing the security posture of your software throughout its lifecycle. Our service:

  • Preempts Security Breaches: By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities early, we minimise the risk of costly security incidents.

  • Complements Automated Scans: While automated tools are essential, they can miss complex security weaknesses that our seasoned security analysts catch.

  • Improves Code Quality: Beyond security, our reviews promote best practices in coding, resulting in cleaner, more efficient, and maintainable code.

Our Process

  1. Code Submission: Begin by submitting the code you wish to have reviewed. Our process respects your confidentiality and data security at every step.

  2. Automated and Manual Review: Employ both automated tools and manual inspection techniques to thoroughly analyse your code for potential vulnerabilities.

  3. Vulnerability Reporting: Provide a detailed report that lists found vulnerabilities, categorised by severity, along with recommendations for mitigation or remediation.

  4. Remediation Support: Offer guidance and support in addressing the vulnerabilities identified during the review process to ensure they are effectively resolved.

  5. Re-Review (Optional): After remediation efforts are complete, perform a follow-up review to ensure all issues have been properly addressed and no new issues have arisen.

Benefits of Secure Code Review

  • Reduce Security Risks: Minimise the risk of security breaches by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in the development phase.

  • Cost Efficiency: Save on the higher costs associated with fixing security flaws in later stages of development or post-deployment.

  • Developer Education: Educate your development team on best practices for secure coding, fostering an organisational culture of security awareness.

Secure Your Application’s Code

Ensure your application’s integrity from the ground up. Contact our experts today for a comprehensive Secure Code Review.