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What is an IRAP Assessment?

An IRAP (Information Security Registered Assessors Program) assessment is an independent review conducted to evaluate the implementation, appropriateness, and effectiveness of a system’s security controls. It aims to provide a detailed security assessment report, commonly referred to as an IRAP report. This report helps consumers make informed decisions about the system’s suitability for their security needs and risk appetite based on a thorough evaluation of security measures.

Why Choose IRAP Assessment?

IRAP assessments are crucial for organisations seeking to understand the security posture of their systems . By aligning with the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM), our assessments ensure that all security controls are scrutinised and validated to meet your rigorous security requirements.

Our IRAP Assessment Process

Our IRAP assessment process is designed to comply with ASD’s IRAP Assessment Process and cover all aspects of your system’s security across four key stages:

  1. Plan and Prepare: Our certified IRAP assessors work with your team to develop a security assessment plan, ensuring all relevant information is documented and shared upfront.

  2. Define the Scope: Early in the assessment process, we define the scope in agreement with the System Owner, which includes:

    • The system version and environment

    • The intended security classification of data

    • The authorisation boundary encompassing system components and associated security controls

  3. Assess Security Controls: We conduct a thorough review in two parts:

    • Design Effectiveness Review: Examining system architecture, security policies, and more to ensure that all relevant controls are considered.

    • Operational Effectiveness Review: Validation activities to check if the security controls are not only implemented but are also functioning effectively.

  4. Produce the Security Assessment Report: This final report details:

    • The scope and effectiveness of security controls

    • Identified security risks and recommended remedial actions

    • A Security Controls Matrix (SCM) documenting each control's status

Commitment to Integrity and Quality

Our assessors are ASD-certified ICT professionals with extensive knowledge of the Australian Government Information Security Manual. We adhere strictly to ACSC guidelines, ensuring our reports are clear, unbiased, and free from marketing materials. Our approach emphasises the collection of high quality evidence and transparent reporting to empower clients with the information needed to assess their risk.

Customisation and Compliance

Every IRAP assessment is tailored to the complexity and specific needs of the client’s system. We ensure compliance with all stages of assessment while adapting to the unique challenges posed by different IT environments.

Learn More and Schedule Your IRAP Assessment

To find out how our IRAP Assessment can serve your organisation's needs or to schedule an assessment, contact our expert team today. Let us help you secure your systems with confidence.