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Secure Your Applications Beyond Traditional Penetration Testing

Our Application Security Assessment service extends beyond the scope of traditional penetration testing to deliver a multifaceted analysis of your application’s security.

Service Overview

  • Integrated Testing and Review: Combines the external perspective of penetration testing with the internal scrutiny of a secure code review for a well-rounded assessment.

  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Detection: Identifies both surface-level vulnerabilities and deeper issues within the code that could compromise security.

  • Access Control and Business Logic Verification: Evaluates the critical components that enforce business rules and protect sensitive data from unauthorised access.

  • Risk Analysis and Prioritisation: Goes beyond vulnerability counts to analyse risk, guiding strategic remediation based on potential business impact.

  • Thorough Remediation Strategies: Delivers sustainable solutions, not just quick fixes, reinforcing the application’s long-term security posture.

Key Benefits

  • Balanced Approach: Achieves a balance between dynamic testing and static analysis for comprehensive security insights.

  • Proactive Risk Management: Identifies and mitigates potential threats before they are exploited, minimising risk.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Enables prioritised fixes based on an informed assessment of security risks.

  • Developer Empowerment: Provides actionable feedback to developers, enhancing security awareness and coding practices.

Your Path to Robust Application Security

This service is essential for organisations seeking to ensure their applications are designed, developed, and deployed with security at the forefront.

Start Your Application Security Assessment

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